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Scanning and Imaging Software is also a reseller of software with innovative features such as Small Office Scan Tools, Expervison TypeReader and Visioneer PaperPort.

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In July of 2012 took a huge turn in direction. Clarence Klopfstein and Robert Lindley, two long time friends and former employees at the corporate owner of, took ownership of and its product line. Now doing business under the Two Geek Programmers, LLC © umbrella.

Clarence and Rob bring long histories in software development to the code base. They have done work for many large and small corporations so they will be able to make's products work for both.

The Past was owned by Jetsoft Development Company. Having released a great suite of software for both Windows and Mac. Jetsoft was hired by companies like Acer, Canon, Nec, Relisys, Tamarack, Pacific Image and Lexmark. Which took many of the products we sell today to the general public by being bundled with consumer products.

Scanner software compatible with the following:
  • Canon
  • Brother
  • Epson
  • HP
  • Lexmark
  • Fujitsu