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The Effects of Deskewing a Document

When scanning in documents one thing that could happen is the possibility of pages not feeding properly, so some of the pages will be created with a slant.  A new feature that professional scanning software is now offering is a Deskew feature, which will fix this problem.  After scanning in a document, if the document’s text/images are at a slight angle, Art-Copy Enterprise will auto-rotate the document so that the alignment is corrected.

In order to demonstrate this functionality, a document for a local church was scanned using a Lexmark X4250 with Art-Copy Enterprise; most of the original pages were slanted.  Since the scanner used an automatic document feeder to feed each page through individually, each page came out at a different angle; this gave a very unprofessional look to the document.  You can see by example pages shown below; since the pages were not aligned properly, the document was of poor quality and a little annoying to read.  This was a permanent limitation that scanned documents had, until now.

Figure 1

Now by selecting the Deskew feature, this problem can be corrected.  Art-Copy will look at the text and any images that might be on the page, and compare the rotational angels of the text/images to the page itself to determine if the page is slanted.  If so, Art-Copy will automatic rotate the page so that the alignment is horizontally parallel with the page, correcting any existing slant.

To Select the Deskew feature, click on file->setup, as seen in figure 2. You should now see the Setup Dialog, then select the Image Tab as seen in figure 3. Once you are in the image tab, you can select the deskew feature. If the box next to it has a check in it, then the deskew feature is already selected.

Figure 2

Figure 3

Scanning in the document again, but this time with the deskew feature enabled, the pages will be correctly aligned.  Both documents were scanned in the same way; the scanner fed each page separately which could have thrown off the alignment.  Since Art-Copy deskewed the second document, it checked the alignment and if it was not correct, Art-Copy corrected it.  As you can see in the pages below, the deskewed document is of much better quality.  In the pages above, you can see that the text is not quite horizontal on the page and on some of the pages the text was at an angel, but in the pages below the text is running perfectly horizontal.

Figure 4

There are also other advantages to having a deskewed document verse a non-deskewed document.  If you were to OCR the documents, the deskewed document will achieve a higher character recognition accuracy rate.  Since the deskewed document’s text is not slanted, it will be closer to the actual text that the OCR program is comparing to.

The Deskew feature has fixed one of the major problems plaguing scanned documents.  Now after scanning in a document you no longer need to be worried that the created pages will be slanted or the text will run across the page at an angel.  All you have to do is select the deskew option and Art-Copy will make sure that the scanned pages stay at the same alignment that original pages had.

Scanner software compatible with the following:
  • Canon
  • Brother
  • Epson
  • HP
  • Lexmark
  • Fujitsu