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Scanning and Imaging Software is also a reseller of software with innovative features such as Small Office Scan Tools, Expervison TypeReader and Visioneer PaperPort.

Art-Copy 8.4 Enterprise Edition

Art-Copy Enterprise is single-handedly the best scanning software on the market. Art-Copy Enterprise replaces the existing manufacturers software with an easy to use and easy to understand interface. Art-Copy Enterprise not only provides an easy to use interface but also provides scanning features that were never included with the generic manufacturers scanning software such as OCR scanning directly included. Art-Copy Enterprise also includes advanced batch image processing, scanning to multiple page PDF or Tiff files (not to mention scanning to previously unsupported file formats), automatic image/document naming, image labeling, and many more features. Art-Copy Enterprise is also now multithreaded to provide support for ultra high-speed scanners. Try a free Art-Copy Enterprise demo today.

Art-Copy Enterprise was developed to provide the scanning community with an alternative to the horribly lacking scanning software that comes generically bundled with today’s scanners. In today’s scanning world scanner manufacturers recuperate the loss of revenue through providing customers with make shift software that barely provides enough features to provide anything other than generic color, gray, or black and white scanning to generic file types such as .JPG. Not only is this software lacking any type of acceptable features, but also the interface to these programs is often times horribly complicated and bulky.

Art-Copy Enterprise simply replaces the manufacturers software to allow the users to directly communicate to the TWAIN or WIA driver expressly through the Art-Copy interface. This allows Art-Copy to control scanning functionality of the scanner while allowing the user to directly access these functions through Art-Copy Enterprise’s sleek one button interface. Not only does Art-Copy Enterprise replace the manufacturers generic software, but Art-Copy Enterprise also adds capabilities to your scanner that were never available. With Art-Copy Enterprise users may now add features such as advanced batch scanning to multiple page PDF or Tiff files. Users may take advantage of the OCR functionality that is build directly into the product without need to install yet another software program to complicate matters. Scanning has just become a whole lot simpler using Art-Copy Enterprise. If you don’t believe us take the time to try the Art-Copy Enterprise demo!

Scanner software compatible with the following:
  • Canon
  • Brother
  • Epson
  • HP
  • Lexmark
  • Fujitsu